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It Takes A Village 

When you contribute to TFG, your generosity and concern for children provide for the industry's sustainability, growth, and support and the ongoing physical, educational, social, and emotional development process of every athlete we train.

With over 15 years of service in our community, you can be confident in donating to our causes. With your support, we can continue to provide the highest caliber of trained instructors and instill positive moral values, skills, discipline, and leadership characteristics into every student of TFG. Your gift directly affects TFG athletes, and donors' collective investments create a stimulating atmosphere for growth and empowerment.

Eileen Lavett Stotts Memorial Scholarship

Applications Open March 2024

In honor of the late Eileen Lavette Stotts, the ELS Memorial Scholarship is awarded to an athlete(s) who exemplifies qualities of academic prowess and sportsmanship and demonstrates excellence in the area of tumbling through proven commitment and dedication to training as a member of TFG. 

Build The Dream
(BTD) Fund

The BTD Fund supports a wide range of activities that advance the mission of TFG, including strengthening its investments in instructors, a rigorous curriculum, and facility maintenance.  As we continue to make strides in ensuring the gym's future as a world-class training facility, alumni, parents, athletes, and friends all play a part in building this future.

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