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Eileen Lavett Stotts - "Trust the Process"

The Eileen Lavett Stotts (ELS) Memorial Scholarship was established in 2016 to honor the life of Eileen "Mama" Stotts, and continue her legacy of excellence, commitment, generosity, and service.

Mama Stotts began her professional career at Howard University Hospital where she served as a Certified Laboratory Assistant. After 14 years, she decided to focus solely on the health and well being of her growing family. As the mother of five, she devoted herself to homeschooling her two youngest sons until they matriculated to high school and later devoted herself to her beloved grandchildren. Mama Stotts' values were firmly rooted in faith and family. Her love for life and her relationship with the Lord touched many lives in many ways as she was truly an inspirational woman. Mama Stotts played a pivotal role in TFG and is remembered for her warm infectious hugs, dedication to the gym's mission, and love for her family.


The ELS Scholarship is awarded annually to an athlete(s) who exemplifies qualities of sportsmanship and demonstrates excellence in the area of tumbling through proven commitment and dedication to training as active members of TFG. 

The focus of the scholarship is to provide funding for continued education and athletic activity in order to support and encourage continued student-athlete development and further the mission of TFG. Winners are chosen at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee.

Join us in honoring Mama Stotts' legacy and uplifting our youth.  Donate today, and change a life.

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