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Eileen Lavett Stotts - "Trust the Process"

Your support plays a vital role in the advancement of TFG and its continued success! Class fees only cover a portion of the gym's budget needs which is why we must raise more than $250,000 annually to deliever the kind of excellence in our many programs for our children, alumni, and families that you -- and they -- have come to expect. That's why your participation is so important to our mission.

The Eileen Lavett Stotts Memorial Scholarship Fund is awarded to athlete(s) who exemplifies qualities of sportsmanship and demonstrates excellence in the area of tumbling through proven commitment and dedication to training as active members of TF. 


The focus of the scholarship is to provide funding for continued education and athletic activities in order to support and encourage continued student-athlete development and further the mission of TFG. As we continue to make strides in ensuring our future as a world class training facility, alumni, parents, athletes, and friends all play a part in building this future.

Please join us in honorng Mama Stotts' legacy and uplifting our youth.  


Donate today, and change a life. 

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