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Build The Dream Fund 

Your support plays a vital role in the advancement of TFG and its continued success! Class fees only cover a portion of the gym's budget needs which is why we must raise more than $250,000 annually to deliever the kind of excellence in our many programs for our children, alumni, and families that you -- and they -- have come to expect. That's why your participation is so important to our mission.

The Build The Dream Fund supports a wide range of activities that advance the mission of TFG, including strengthening its investments in instructors, a rigorous curriculum, and the facility maintenance.  As we continue to make strides in ensuring our future as a world class training facility, alumni, parents, athletes, and friends all play a part in building this future.

Please join us in sustaining the excellence of our programs, the legacy of our community, and uplifting our youth.  


Donate today, and change a life. 

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