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Tumbling classes that fit YOUR schedule!


At TFGym, we offer classes structured to fit your skill set as an athlete. A maximum class size of 10* will ensure that your athlete receives all the attention they deserve. *Class sizes reduced during COVID-19 pandemic


Novice -- This 45-minute session is geared toward our youngest athletes (starting at age 3) who are brand new to the tumbling area. This class focuses specifically on the technique and execution of introductory level body positions and tumbling. No experience required.

Level 1 (Intro) -- Preliminary Introduction to power tumbling. Focus on forward/backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, back/front walkovers, back/front walkover series and back extension rolls.

Level 1 (Advance) -- Focus on back/front walkover combinations and beginning techniques for back handsprings.


Level 2 -- Focus on perfecting single back handsprings, as well as level 1 connections to single back handspring (Front/Back walkover to handspring) and front handspring (athletes must perform back handsprings on the floor unassisted to be eligible for this class).


Level 3 -- Focus multiple back handsprings, level 1 connections to multiple back handsprings (Front/Back walkover to handsprings), jump to back handspring, round-off tucks, and aerials.


Level 4 -- Layout class. Focus on perfecting the layout, developing specialty skills (whips, punch fronts) into layout, standing tuck and combo to tuck (back handspring tuck).

Level 5 -- Twist class. Focus on starting and perfecting preliminary and advanced twisting techniques for running full, jump to tuck combos, standing back handspring through to layout and full. (Evaluation Required).


Level 6 -- Specialty twist class. [Must have a full] Focus on starting and perfecting standing full, back handspring whip through, whip combos to full, round-off to whip/bounding full, round-off to double, standing back handspring through to double, standing handspring to double, round-off to bounding to double, and specialty to double. (Evaluation Required).

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