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Seeds of Excellence, Inc -- After Care Program 

Program Hours :: 4:00 PM ~ 6:30 PM

**Program Follows Prince George's Country School Closing Schedule**

Are you rushing to pick your athlete up from school just to get them to practice on time? Are you interested in tumbling for your athlete, but prefer an earlier practice time? The Seeds Of Excellence, Inc. (SOE) After Care Program is your answer!

SOE is a non-profit organization committed to providing creative and developmentally appropriate educational and recreational experiences and opportunities for children, their families, and the community. 

The After Care Program combines after school tutoring with after school tumbling all in one place! The program runs from 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM Monday - Friday, and follows the PG County School Closing Schedule. Athletes enrolled in the program are picked up from school, transported to our facility, given snack time, homework time with certified academic instructors, and a tumbling lesson, each day. 


We take pride in maintaining a low instructor/pupil ratio of 1 to 10, so space is limited. Our academic Instructors are on-site to offer homework assistance and our gymnastics instructors provide training based on your athletes skill level. Tumbling classes operate just like our normal classes, just at an earlier time!

Currently the program is only available for select Prince George's County Schools. School starts soon, so if you are interested, contact us today!

Program Pricing:

Monthly Rate .......................... $300.00

Interested in SOE After Care?

1. Does your child attend one of these schools? If so, see step 2.

North Forestville Elementary

Arrowhead Elementary
Longsfield Elementary
Samuel Massie Academy
Andrew Jackson Academy
Thomas Pullen School

Kipp DC: Promise, Key, Quest, & Valor Academy


2. Email with the following information:

Subject Line: SOE After Care

Parent/Guardian Full Name

Athlete Full Name

Athlete Birthday

Athlete Allergies

Athlete School

Time School Ends

Monthly or Weekly Interest

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